Detention Class – The 'Work out'

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It was a nice breezy Saturday night and Sarah was stressed out of her mind. For the past few days, she had been grading papers that were due and normally she doesn’t mind grading but considering the deadlines she really felt on edge. Most of her students were out right now, drinking in the club, having a good time and generally relaxing. How did she wish that she could do the same. She walked towards her fridge and grabbed herself some soda, how awesome would it be to just be in a club, get free drinks and take some hot dude home to fuck. As she walked back to her laptop she stared at the screen intensely and felt her pussy tingling.

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The Crazy Goth Chick on the Train

It was a dirty rainy night, the weather was harsh and the wind was blowing ice cold in your face, basically, it was God’s way of telling you to stay the fuck inside. Matthew didn’t really care though, after a few hours in the pubs with his friends he headed on his way home taking the last train from Groningen to Weener. This train was technically an international one as it went from The Netherlands to two german cities close to the border. He entered the train just on time and discovered that it was pretty much empty which kinda bored him.

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Yes my Lord

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Nate was browsing Twitter, he was kind of getting desperate after his job fired him because the new location manager wasn’t as nice as his former one. It was hard to get a decent paying job that didn’t suck the soul out of you these days and he really liked his former employer. While browsing Twitter he stumbled upon some really hot NSFW porn. Videos of submissive FTM boys like him getting their pussy’s penetrated really turned him on and for a fraction of a second he thought, why not become a sex worker?

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