Diary of a Witch – Morning sex

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Dear reader of this diary, I am a witch and I recently turned 19. I am from a Bloodline that dates back to one of the Salem witch trials, my ancestors had been persecuted for simply being different than mortals. Luckily at least some in our bloodline survived. Our family had to breed with relatives and other witch families in order to keep the bloodline pure and make sure us witches don’t go extinct. My mom and dad, for example, are actually cousins of each other and my sister has married my oldest brother.

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Falling in love with a prey

Lesbian vampire story, bisexual vampire story

In barely her underwear Kim walked out of the bathroom “Hey Ann” she asked her roommate who appeared to be in another world with her headphones on. “Ann?” the honey skinned brunette asked again, this time while sitting next to Ann. Ann got off her headphones, slightly annoyed “what is it Kimberly?” she asked, suppressing the fact that she was pleasantly surprised to see her roommate in her underwear. “I was wondering, should I shave my armpits?” “Did you disturb me for this?” Ann asked, almost insulted as she grabbed her headphones to put them on again “Well I’m going to the ball tonight, this is going to be one of the few chances to get drunk and score a chick this semester” she said.

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