The Incest Club – Getting a blowjob from my lesbian sister.

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So last time I promised that me fucking my sister and getting a blowjob from my lesbian sister was a story for another time, well guess what, another time has arrived. I can barely phantom how I went from virgin to sisterfucker in the span of a few hours but it happened and here is how.

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The Incest Club – Discovering the secret

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This story is part of a bisexual incest series, characters included are either bisexual or lesbian, if the story does well on Twitter I’ll be happy to write more as it turns me on really bad as well.

My brother Cameron and I always spent a lot of time together when we were younger, growing up I had friends but hanging out with my brother was the best. We’d swim around in the pool, play videogames in the basement and the first joint I smoked was with my brother as well. My brother was always this cool and understanding guy who’d I could trust with anything.

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Being a Foreign Student – The Field trip

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Damn, I was wasted, was it really such a good idea to get this drunk on a field trip with my new class? Probably not. I just started with my bachelor study at some university in the Netherlands. As a way to bond with your new classmates, the school had organized a field trip to one of the Frisian Islands. It was meant to be normal activities with a bit of booze but since we’re in the Netherlands some of the students also sneaked some weed with them and now we were all sharing some blunts while watching the sunset. Along with some other folks Michael and I were one of the last ones still standing strong. Michael took a hit of the joint and passed it to me, I took a hit as well, and passed it to another classmate.

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