The Incest Club – Getting a blowjob from my lesbian sister.

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So last time I promised that me fucking my sister and getting a blowjob from my lesbian sister was a story for another time, well guess what, another time has arrived. I can barely phantom how I went from virgin to sisterfucker in the span of a few hours but it happened and here is how.

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The Incest Club – Discovering the secret

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This story is part of a bisexual incest series, characters included are either bisexual or lesbian, if the story does well on Twitter I’ll be happy to write more as it turns me on really bad as well.

My brother Cameron and I always spent a lot of time together when we were younger, growing up I had friends but hanging out with my brother was the best. We’d swim around in the pool, play videogames in the basement and the first joint I smoked was with my brother as well. My brother was always this cool and understanding guy who’d I could trust with anything.

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My Guilty Pleasure – Studying together

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The next morning, everyone woke up strictly at 6 am as their parents had always instructed them. Waking up this early allowed them to have some time for prayer and bible study which their parents found rather important. The family joined hands together and father started praying to bless the food so the family could break their fast.

Marc and Lauren tried to avoid each other as the last night was still fresh on their minds. Lauren walking in on Marc masturbating and Lauren masturbating herself as well. They both seemed to struggle with the fact that they had sinned and were sitting her praying to their lord as if nothing happened that night.

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A weekend off with my brother – Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Mutuals With Benefits

I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs. Exactly what I needed because my tummy was rumbling! I wanted to walk out of the tent but then I noticed that I wasn’t wearing anything and that I should at least put on a skirt and a shirt. Barely dressed I climbed out of the tent to see my brother making our breakfast in just his shorts. I blushed at the sight of him with his strong muscular chest making breakfast for me like he was my husband even though he in fact was my brother. “Morning princess,” he said, “I made us some nice bacon and eggs and I also brought some juice”. I sat down on a tree trunk and took the plate that he handed me. I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel, I was happy how he lovingly called me princess but a part of me was still freaked out by the fact that I had fucked my brother.

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Mom, you should do porn – Giving it a try

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Damian was preparing dinner for him and his mom in the kitchen. Ever since that coward of his dad left he’d taken up the role of the man in the house. Damian didn’t mind helping out his mom in the house, it made her happy and it counted as free cardio which kept him in shape. As he topped the burgers he just made with some lettuce he thought about how he’d see his moms tits again tonight.

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Mom’s Wedding Day

It was the sound of a car door slamming that woke Karen from her uneasy doze.

The noise jolted her awake, her heart hammering in her chest. As the sound of a car accelerating away from the house rose and then fell, she slowly relaxed, especially after she heard the front door quietly open and close, followed by the even more quiet sound of the TV babbling to itself.

Samuel, she thought muzzily. She squinted at her bedside clock, which read half after twelve. Thought he might be out a little later, actually.

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My Guilty Pleasure – Please forgive me, Lord

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Lauren put her phone on her charger and stared at the wall for a while. What in the Lord’s name did she just encounter? Her brother, was sinfully playing with his member and she had been looking at him for more than a minute, She was enchanted by him stroking his big fleshy rod. Was she possessed by the devil? Should she talk to mom and dad?

No, they’d never understand and she didn’t want her brother Marc to get in trouble either. She was just so startled, this was the first time she had ever seen male genitalia in real life and she was aching to see more of it. She wished she never walked into him so she could watch him finish or maybe even touch his member…

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My guilty pleasure – Can I have some privacy?

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“”Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my Soul to keep,

If I should die before I ‘wake,

I pray the Lord my Soul to take.”

It was rather odd, but even now I as I was 19, mom still expected me to say my prayer every night. As soon as I was finished she kissed me on my forehead and left. Man, I just wish I could leave this place for once and for all but considering I was still studying and mom and dad paid for my study, I had no choice.

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Getting to fuck mom.

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Aunt Natalie

It was about 5 a clock in the afternoon Maria had just finished preparing dinner and her casserole was in the oven now, it had to sit in there for yet another hour. Within 10 minutes her son, Jack would return from school and she felt wet. She needed his cock, she needed her son to fuck her like a whore, a task that Harold had been delaying ever since they got Jack. However, she didn’t feel comfortable with fucking Jack when Nat would be around, that would be weird. She didn’t want to confront her sister or make her feel uncomfortable about the fact that she knew that she was fucking her son. Maria grabbed her phone and sent a message to Nat “Hey Nat, will you join us for dinner tonight? I made casseroles” “no I am sorry, I’m having a meeting with a potential landlady this evening” “oh okay, good luck Sis”

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