Story Guidelines

So you want to publish a story on our fast growing erotica platform? That’s cool, but before you submit, here are some guidelines that you’ll have to follow before submitting your story.

By submitting a story to Ferotica, you confirm the following stipulations to be true:

  • You are the sole creator of the submission;
  • You are 18 years of age or older and legally able to write, submit and read erotic or pornographic material;
  • You grant Ferotica the right to publish your submission as received by
  • You grant Ferotica the right to use all legal means available to protect your published work from unauthorized use by other parties

    Still with us? Great! Here’s how to be a Ferotica author.

How to become a Ferotica Author

  1. Sign up as a Ferotica Member.
  2. Be sure your story has a sexual theme. Note: We reserve the right to edit the title and description.
  3. No sexual activity involving bestiality (you can write stories about supernatural beasts like ghosts, unicorns, werewolves, etc.) or underage persons will be considered. For the purposes of this site, the minimum legal age is 18. This site does not publish stories, articles, essays, or other material supporting, encouraging, or defending child abuse and/or exploitation.
  4. We do not currently accept submissions under 600 words.
  5. All manuscripts must be submitted as via the site using the editor.
  6. Run your manuscript through a spell checker and then read it over for anything the spellchecker missed before submitting. This should eliminate the majority of errors which might cause a manuscript to be rejected. We expect submissions to come to us ready for the public. Stories with obvious spelling and grammatical errors are poorly received by readers.
  7. Please break your story into reasonably sized paragraphs.
  8. No HTML links or web addresses are allowed within stories. If you’d like to use Ferotica to promote your e-book make sure it’s on and make sure it’s available for affiliates.
  9. Manuscripts are copyrighted in the name of the author. This means you must be the author of any story you submit.

If you follow our guidelines it’s very likely that an Angel will review your story and approve it to appear on the website. usually handpicks reat stories to promote on its Twitter Network.

Ferotica can help you sell more e-books

If you’re a seasoned erotica author who wants to promote thei erotica e-book you should consider submitting the first chapter(s) of your stories to read for free on Ferotica and leave a link to the book on Smashwords as well. Keep in mind we’ll only allow links to your e-book if we can promote it with an affiliate link. This way you’ll have a free promotion channel for your e-book and we’ll be able to cover the expenses of our website.