Detention Class – The 'Work out'

  • Detention Class – The 'Work out'

It was a nice breezy Saturday night and Sarah was stressed out of her mind. For the past few days, she had been grading papers that were due and normally she doesn’t mind grading but considering the deadlines she really felt on edge. Most of her students were out right now, drinking in the club, having a good time and generally relaxing. How did she wish that she could do the same. She walked towards her fridge and grabbed herself some soda, how awesome would it be to just be in a club, get free drinks and take some hot dude home to fuck. As she walked back to her laptop she stared at the screen intensely and felt her pussy tingling.

The letters on the screen started to get vague and she just couldn’t keep her focus on grading the paper. Why the hell would she keep it to wishing? Why couldn’t she just go out, have a good time and have some sex? Didn’t she deserve that? She had a nice fat ass and her tits were pretty big as well and sure she did have a little bit of a belly but who doesn’t?. She imagined herself nude on all fours getting spit-roasted by two hot studs moving their rods in and out of her, using her for their own pleasure. How would she love to be the center of attention, to be smothered in kisses and covered in cum.

Yet here she was in her apartment all alone with no one around her. She knew why she was here, she didn’t really like clubs and while she did like being fucked, her ex-boyfriend used to fuck her whenever they could, she didn’t like dating because it took effort. Sarah grabbed her phone and opened up tinder, she hadn’t used the app in ages but she was really hungry for some sex and her toys just wouldn’t cut it. Her message box was filled with messages, mostly misogynistic messages from cute guys who later turned out to be pathetic guys, not really her cup of tea. So instead she continued to swipe and suddenly she found an old friend and they instantly matched. She got a little anxious, she always did whenever people matched with her on Tinder. Getting a match meant that she had to start a conversation and she honestly wasn’t too great at that but this time it was an old friend. For a few minutes she stared at her phone, she really wanted him to come over and just blatantly fuck her but she didn’t dare to even greet him. A few minutes later she got a message from him, he said hi and asked her how she was doing. The two started chatting about back in the day when they used to hang out a lot. Turned out he had returned from the Valley after giving up on getting a job at one of the big four. As the conversation went well she started feeling more comfortable with asking racy questions and thus she sent him a message “Hey Michael, would you like to come over?” she asked. “Now? It’s like 11pm” he replied. “It’s just that I’m kinda lonely and also really horny right now”. 

Minutes went by and she never received a reply, she sent him one last message, apologizing for her rude behavior but he never read the message… Fuck, now she was horny and even more lonely, she stood up, closed her laptop and went to bed to grab her toys, it was the best thing next to an actual cock. She imagined he was on his way and would knock on the door any moment to lift her up and put her on the kitchen counter the moment she opened the door. How would she have loved that but instead of even having a chance of that happening she screwed it up immediately if she could have waited maybe she could have built up to it.

The next morning she woke up at 6 as usual, she grabbed her running shoes and got in her running wear for her morning run. With her earbuds in, she left the apartment jogging until she reached the park where she started running. In the past few weeks, she had been feeling so fed up with all the university the deadlines that she needed something to relieve her stress. Now sex was a great way to do so but there’s only so much you can do with sex toys. So in addition to masturbating daily she also ran, not only did it help her clear her mind, but it also helped her get in shape even though she really didn’t hate her body right now.

While she ran through the park in her tight workout pants she suddenly saw Michael, who was taking a break and stretching his muscles. She lowered her speed and waved at him with a smile “Michael!” she said enthusiastically as if yesterday never happened. He took out his earbuds and waved back with a confused smile. Sarah needed to catch her breath “hey I’m sorry about last night, that was pretty rude of me, you must think of me like a slut right now” she said. Micheal looked surprised “you’re kidding right? I thought you were someone else, pretending to be Sarah” “no, it was me” she said with an awkward smile “I’m sorry I just really felt horny and well idk you’re hot so…” “wait you think I’m hot?” “yeah…” she said with a blush on her face “I never really hear that you know, I was just expecting that some sick high school bullies made an account using your name and I reported it”.  “Wow, I mean. I guess I understand… I just…” “so you really wanted me to have sex with you?” Sarah was kinda embarrassed “ehm yeah, I guess” Michael smirked, “would you wanna do it here, in the park?” “what? You’re crazy, what if people see us?” “only makes it hotter don’t you think?” she could see a shape in his pants grow and the thought of being fucked by Michael somewhere in the bushes at the risk of being caught kind of made her wet, soaking wet, you could slowly see dark spots in her jogging pants. 

“Fuck, let’s do it,” she said and she got closer, kissed Michael and grabbed his rock hard dick through his pants and pulled him into the bushes. “Fuck, you never told me you were this big Michael” “that would have been weird and I probably would have been kicked out off highschool if I ever told you before” he said. Sarah smirked “I guess so”  “you know, these bullies were idiots for taking the piss on you, I know they always adored big fat cocks yet they always went with the popular jocks who usually had small dicks”. He grinned when she said that, once they were out of sight Sarah dropped down to her knees and took out the big gun he had wrapped in his Starwars briefs. “Oh Michael you haven’t changed a bit have you?” she said before she hungrily shoved the entire shaft in her mouth. This was what she had been craving for all that time and now she was finally getting it. Feeling his tip touch her throat felt amazing, he tasted so good. She started bobbing her head on the thick shaft and a few seconds later she could feel Michael carefully grab her head, it was cute how he was trying to be confident sexy but still couldn’t manage to be rough with her. 

She took out his rod for a second and the precum saliva mixture was dripping from her mouth onto her sports shirt. “Fuck my mouth all you want Micheal, don’t worry about me, I love getting my throat fucked” and she took in his hard rod again. This time Michael hesitated for a second and he thrust his hard member into her throat causing her to gag a little which turned him on even more and finally the carnal lust-driven beast in him came forward. Sarah was loving every inch of it, it felt good to finally be filled up again and the best part was that she knew this guy so she could trust him and it felt good. One time earlier she had invited a guy over for a one night stand but she barely knew him so she just couldn’t feel comfortable and she ended up feeling terrible afterward but this time it felt great. It was almost as if having sex with your friends should be the most normal thing in the world. Every now and then she started gagging but she was trained for this, she had spent countless nights deepthroating herself with a dildo for moments like this and it felt amazing. With every gag, Michael seemed to be turned on even more and it didn’t take long for the longtime virgin to unload his thick seed inside of her throat, she swallowed it all, took out his cock and started cleaning it with her mouth until it gradually became less erect. 

“Shit, someone is coming” Micheal said and he pulled up his pants, a couple walking with their dogs walked by, the guy seemed rather annoyed but the girl whispered something in his ear and grabbed the butt of her boyfriend who in his turn grabbed hers and smacked it while they passed by. 

Sarah felt a burning sensation in her loins, she wanted more “wanna return the favor Mikey?” she lovingly said as she took off her cum-stained sport shirt which revealed her big rack supported by a sports bra. Micheal couldn’t get his eyes off her and quietly nodded. “Hmm I want you to fuck me with your fingers while sucking on my tits, come over here you big goof” she said and without hesitation, he kneeled next to her and nervously attempted to find the thingies of her bra to take it off. It took him longer than he wanted to unhook her bra but he managed and he immediately dove into her bosom, wrapping his head between her two massive melons. In the meanwhile she wiggled her pants off a little but not entirely, her panties were the only thing between her pussy and Michael. He shoved the panties aside and moved past her lips to find her wet entrance. While pushing his finger in like the total virgin he was he used his other hand to caress her back while sucking on one of her big tits. Michael never had sex before because he wasn’t really popular and didn’t really care about girls. What he cared more about was his academic career and making it big but when he returned to his home city he couldn’t help but feel the need to have some girl in his life.

He thrust his fingers into her gaping pussy and felt his fingers being sucked into her slutty wet hole. Fuck this was amazing, he had never done this before but boy did he like it and he’d love to do it more often. “Less thinking Michael, more doing honey” Sarah moaned as she pushed his head against her chest. Micheal took another nipple in his mouth and started playfully biting her nipple and Sarah lost her damn mind, it had been so long since she had sex. Being a university professor often meant making lots of hours, sitting amongst pretty girls and hot guys but not being able to touch them. She was jealous, all these pretty people were only 3 or 4 years younger yet they were getting dick and pussy all the time yet she never did. She felt her pussy wrap around Micheal’s fingers and slowly got lightheaded, she couldn’t help but scream as she came real hard and squirted all over the place ensuring that both Mike’s fingers and her pants were soaked. Luckily there were no people near to hear her. 

“Fuck Micheal, that was amazing, thank you so much” she said as she grabbed his chin, lifted his head and kissed him on the mouth. The two passionately kissed for a while and then let go of each other. “Fuck Sarah, that was insane…” Micheal said, still not believing what just happened. “Insanely hot you mean?” she replied and they both laughed. There they were sitting half-naked in the bushes of a public park making out like a couple of teenagers. 

Sarah pulled up her pants again which was clearly showing wet spots all over it and Micheal helped her get up. “So when did you get back to the city Michael?” “well about a few days ago, I just accepted a job at the university” “You’re kidding me right? This University? The one we went to?” “wow, I work there too! I never left the university you know, once I finished my thesis they gave me some grants to keep me sticking around” “oh that’s amazing Sarah, what are you working on?” “oh you know, I’m expanding on my thesis of anti-matter”. “Sweet, sweet, well I saw an application for physics teacher and I felt like, hell yeah why not” As they walked out of the park they caught up on each other’s lives and went their way, Michael had to get something from the copyshop and thus they parted…

To be continued.