My Guilty Pleasure – Studying together

The next morning, everyone woke up strictly at 6 am as their parents had always instructed them. Waking up this early allowed them to have some time for prayer and bible study which their parents found rather important. The family joined hands together and father started praying to bless the food so the family could break their fast.

Marc and Lauren tried to avoid each other as the last night was still fresh on their minds. Lauren walking in on Marc masturbating and Lauren masturbating herself as well. They both seemed to struggle with the fact that they had sinned and were sitting her praying to their lord as if nothing happened that night.

Elizabeth was the first to break the silence “brother dear, would you pass the butter?” she asked, trying to contact him by looking into his eyes while he was dreaming away “did you sleep okay Marc?” she asked. She rightfully was his big sister, big as in big titties and her motherlike role in the house. “Yeah, I just woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep,” he responded. Father looked at the two and his glance told that the two had to shut their mouths. Mornings were for silence and reflecting on your sinful soul after all.

When breakfast was finished all the children had to leave their phones on the table and went up to their rooms to pray and study the word of God almighty. Once everyone was in their room Marc decided to venture to his sisters room, he hoped none of his sisters would snitch on him, he just had to talk with Lauren. He tiptoed to her room and quietly opened her door where he found his stunning hot sister on her knees silently praying. 

Boy would he love to pull out his cock and shove it into her praying mouth. Lauren looked up and mouthed that he should get out silently. He shook his head and came closer “Lauren, I wanted to talk about yesterday,” he whispered. Lauren felt her heart go faster and nodded. Marc had gotten closer and he was standing in front of her while she was still on her knees. It was the perfect position to give him a blowjob, she’d love to just unwrap his package and take it all in her mouth. Just the idea of getting caught while her sisters were in the rooms next to her was turning her on so bad, she hoped he wouldn’t notice her nipples getting hard in her pyjama shirt or the wet spot that was slowly developing in her bottoms. 

“I’m awfully sorry that you had to see that yesterday, it was wrong of me to… to touch myself” Marc said embarrassed “I’ve already asked the Lord for forgiveness but I want to ask you for forgiveness as well and please never tell mom and dad what you saw” he begged, as he looked at his lovely young sister he twitched his eyes for a moment. He knew Lauren never were bras when she was in her pyjamas and sometimes they were a little too tight but were her nipples actually getting hard right now? He quickly looked away so she wouldn’t notice he was staring at her tits. 

“It’s okay Marc, you don’t need to ask for forgiveness, what you did was awkward to see but fine, I should have knocked first” she said blushing a little. “Fine?” Marc asked, quickly putting a hand to his mouth because his voice was almost too loud. “Yeah, I mean, the lord doesn’t make mistakes does he? And if a guy or a girl has some sexual needs that he can’t satisfy by marriage yet than it wouldn’t harm to do it yourself, right?” she continued as innocent as possible. Marc did not expect this, since when did her sister approve of masturbation?. “So do you mean that you…” Marc got red “nevermind, I shouldn’t ask a lady, especially not my sister” “you mean if I masturbate? Well yes Marc, I have hormones too you know”. 

Holy fuck, his little sister admitted to masturbating and now he couldn’t help but imagine her tight little body whimpering on her bed while cumming on her fingers. In the meanwhile his rod had hardened and was pretty and Lauren could see that his pyjamas could barely contain her brother’s rock hard dick. God did she want him to pull it out and shove it up her ass. 

Lauren wasn’t the only one who noticed the growing bulge in his pants “Sorry Lauren, I should leave” he whispered as he turned around. “No wait,” she said and she tried to hold him back by grabbing his pants immediately resulting in revealing his ass and releasing his dick that was rock hard right now. 

“Lauren…?” he asked confused “What are you doing?” Lauren put a finger before her mouth signaling him to shut up and gestured with her hand that he should turn around and Marc did. Now his dick was bungling right in front of his sisters innocent face and Lauren studied it nervously and carefully started exploring it with her tiny delicate hands. 

Adrenaline was racing through her body, this was her first dick and the first she got to see so close to her and touch. Even though she knew it was wrong it felt so right to hold her brothers dick. She started moving her hands up and down his shaft and while her brother allowed it to happen. The touch of such small delicate hands almost made him dizzy, was this really happening? Was he getting a handjob from his little sister? He knew it was wrong but goddamn did it feel right. 

“Open your mouth Lauren” he said as he carefully grabbed her chin with one hand directed his rock hard member to her mouth with the other. Lauren obeyed and opened her mouth, it was happening, Marc was about to get a blowjob from his own bloody sister.

The moment he felt the head of his shaft touch her tongue was ecstatic and feeling her warm breath surround his shaft was amazing and he eagerly kept pushing further into her. Lauren grabbed his asscheeks and tried to get her brothers dick up as far as she could without choking and slowly started bobbing up and down. This was better than porn or jerking off, her saliva and his pre-cum dripped from her chin and it was the most erotic sight Marc had ever seen. He wished she was naked so he could look at her cute tits and play with them but that would have been too risky.  Marc’s head was overwhelmed by endorphins and soon he felt his muscles tighten and he spurted his cum into his sisters mouth who surprisingly gulped it all down. Suddenly they heard a knock on their door, Marc sat down on the bed real quick and grabbed the bible that was next to him, Lauren sat down next to him and wiped the cum and saliva mixture from her chin. “Yes? Get in” she said trying to sound as normal as possible.

It was their older sister Elizabeth “Marc? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to study” she asked. “Oh I’m just sharing and discussing a beautiful verse with Lauren he lied and he pointed out a passage on the bible page that was open. It was open on Proverbs and Marc read it out loud “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.” 

There was something on her tongue but it wasn’t exactly the teaching of kindness Lauren thought by herself. “Yeah, me and Marc have been thinking lately that we could do this more often, you know, share beautiful verses with each other to help each other grow in our faith,” she added. 

Marc tried to look her in the eyes but with a rack that Liz had it was hard to keep your eyes up and he almost thought he was imagining it but he’d swear that he could see his sisters nipples being hard as if she were turned on.

Elizabeth nodded “that’s beautiful, but keep it a little quiet and reserve it for other times, morning bible study is reserved to be done in silence” Marc and Lauren nodded. “We understand Liz, we’ll discuss this later” 

“all is forgiven, now get back to your room, you still have some time left to study before you have to leave for school,” Liz said.  Marc nodded and left Lauren’s room to go back to his room. He tried to open up his bible but he couldn’t get to it, the blowjob was constantly replaying in his mind, fuck this was amazing, hopefully Lauren wouldn’t be discouraged by Elizabeth’s interferance because he was really down to fuck her sweet ass.

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