The Crazy Goth Chick on the Train

It was a dirty rainy night, the weather was harsh and the wind was blowing ice cold in your face, basically, it was God’s way of telling you to stay the fuck inside. Matthew didn’t really care though, after a few hours in the pubs with his friends he headed on his way home taking the last train from Groningen to Weener. This train was technically an international one as it went from The Netherlands to two german cities close to the border. He entered the train just on time and discovered that it was pretty much empty which kinda bored him.

He walked through and suddenly he saw a girl sitting in a four-seat all by herself. The girl had purple hair, wearing a leather jacket along with a skirt, panties and army boots that would be way too cold once she got out of the train.  She smiled at him and waved for him to come sit next to him. Matthew shrugged and took one of the four seats facing her. “You look like you just fell into a lake” she teased with a heavy German accent and he smiled. “Yeah the weather is awful” he replied in his best English.

The girl was nice to look at, she wasn’t exactly a model but the way she dressed made her figure stands out, he’d love to take off her jacket and bury his face in her boobs. “So you’re from Germany?” he asked, “Ja, Ich kom aus Weener” she said cheerfully in her native tongue “My German isn’t that good,” he replied. “So you’re from Holland?” she asked. Matthew could swear she was kind of checking him out, it could also have been the booze but god would he love to fuck her. “Yeah, I am, I live in the village close to Germany, Bad-Nieuweschans” he replied a little shy, hoping she didn’t notice he was staring at her bosom.

She suddenly jumped up and moved to the seat next to him, placed her hand on his legs and started stroking him. “Do you have weed with you? I have never tried it” Matthew bit his lip, fuck this chick was down to fuck him for some weed and then he remembered he had a joint or two with him. “Yeah I do,” he said “wanna share some with me? It’s illegal in Germany” her hand continued to stroke his leg and rose up to his crotch where he slowly felt a boner popping up.

With her other hand she grabbed his and directed it to her bosom, she shrugged her jacket off her shoulders and gave him access to her massive pale tits, she was wearing no bra, I repeat no bra, he thought by himself and immediately indulged himself on her tits by feeling and cupping them, he couldn’t care less that he was on a public train, there was no one to seem them anyway. Her tits were soft and her nipples were hard, here areolas large, he just loved them big titty goth girlfriends. In the meanwhile, she had worked her hand inside his pants and now she was giving him a handjob through his jeans.

Fuck he was hard and so ready to fuck this German, they’d get high and he’d pound her fat ass and see her big tits jiggle, that would be amazing. She removed her hands from his cock and lowered her shirts so her big boobs fell out and got on her knees to unpackage his jeans and put his rock hard 8 inch member in her mouth. It felt so good to have her tongue dance over the head of his cock and then feel his cock disappear inside her throat. He grabbed her head and started fucking her face while the train neared another station.

The train stopped but no one else got in our out so they were still alone and he continued fucking her throat while also trying to cup her breasts, fuck this was amazing. He almost came and then he forced her head of his cock “I wanna fuck your pussy” he told her, the girl was excited and giggled “not here, you crazy?” she said “oh c’mon, no one is here, just take off your shirt, I wanna see that thick booty of yours and pound your cunt” that seemed to do it for her and she took off her shirt revealing her big boobs even better along with a little fat and what seemed to promise an amazing ass to pound.

She then stood up and took off her pants and panties in one go as well, now she was all naked and he looked at her perfect thick plumb and thrust his big cock inside of her while the train took off to the next station. It felt so good to fuck her sobbing wet pussy and feel her fat ass against him, he also grabbed her breasts again while he mercilessly fucked her she started moaning, just the act of fucking a thick goth chick in a public train at night was becoming too much for him “I’m gonna cum, fuck” he whispered into her ear, she moved away and got on her knees as quickly as possible, taking in his massive cock again until she could hear him moan and he spurted load after load all over her face.

“Fuck that was amazing,” he said while trying to immortalize the image of this thick goth chick on his mind forever. He grabbed the two joints out of his jacket and handed them to her “here, have fun” he said and he left her all naked with cum all over her face and big tits while the train neared the next station where he had to get off. He already saw people in the distance “better hurry up, people are getting on” he said with a smirk and he walked towards the doors of the train.