The Incest Club – Discovering the secret

This story is part of a bisexual incest series, characters included are either bisexual or lesbian, if the story does well on Twitter I’ll be happy to write more as it turns me on really bad as well.

My brother Cameron and I always spent a lot of time together when we were younger, growing up I had friends but hanging out with my brother was the best. We’d swim around in the pool, play videogames in the basement and the first joint I smoked was with my brother as well. My brother was always this cool and understanding guy who’d I could trust with anything.

When I started getting interested in sex and discovered that I was into guys he told me it was perfectly fine and that I had nothing to be ashamed of. “Being bi is fine little one, it’s normal, many people are bi or gay, don’t listen to what mom and dad say about gays burning in hell, that’s all bullcrap” he’d say. He’d even go as far as to admit that he liked guys as well, he was bicurious but because of our parents, he never brought back a boy home. Two summers ago he started going to university so I saw him a lot less but he promised me he’d return this summer. 

During his time at university, he also started experimenting with guys and we’d chat on WhatsApp about it, he told me that he had fucked a super smooth twink and sucked off some hung guys as well. When I was home alone I’d grab my phone and masturbate to the stories of his experiments, I’d imagine my brother with his big dick fucking a cute freshman. 

This summer he’d return home again and we’d be sharing a room again because the other room is meant for my two sisters Grace and Lainey. As he had returned home everything went back to normal, we’d swim, we’d play video games, talk about guys but that wasn’t the only thing. 

You see, the fact that my brother fucked cute freshmen and that he’d share these stories with me, they turned me on so bad, they made me imagine me sucking him off and taking his big dick up my ass. These thoughts would occasionally creep up in my head and I’d try to shake them off, he was my brother after all. On the other hand, I could never bring a boy back home and it would take a while before I could go to university and fuck with cute freshmen and hung seniors myself. Would it really be that bad to suck off my big brother?

We were playing some video games in the basement, the girls were out on a city trip to Europe or something, mom and dad were at work so we were pretty much alone. As usual, Cameron was giving me a hard time playing Fifa, I was 2 goals behind on him and there were only 30 seconds left before the game would end, yup I lost again. Cameron patted me on the back with his strong arms “You had two semesters the time to get better Josh and you still suck at this game” he said with a smirk. “Since you’ve lost, why don’t you get us a beer, it’s quite warm and I could use a refreshment” he said. I rolled my eyes and jumped up to get us some beer. 

I don’t know, I kind of liked it when he ordered me around, it turned me on, fuck I couldn’t be sporting a boner while gaming with my brother, we were wearing shorts after all, he’d notice in an instant! Maybe I wanted him to notice it, actually, I really did want him to notice, peel of my shorts and fuck me in the ass. With that dirty fantasy in my mind, I walked back to the basement with two beers where I found my brother shirtless waiting for another game, I sat down as quickly as possible in the hope he wouldn’t see my boner. God, he looked so good without a shirt, his abs made the statues of Roman gods look like amateur work. I handed him his beer and opened up my can and could barely keep my eyes off him. Was he up to something? He answered my surprised face “it’s too damn hot for a shirt, don’t you agree?” I nodded and took off my shirt as well. 

Cameron started another game and chose the worst team you could possibly imagine. “To make it a little easier for you can go with Bayern Munchen if you’d like” I laughed at him, “I’m not that bad, this time I’ll easily beat you” I replied. “Sure, you know what, to make the game even better, the loser has to do whatever the winner requests, so I hope you have another beer ready in the fridge for me” he said with a smirk. That said, we started the game and fiercely competed against each other. What would I ask him if he were to win? Could I ask him to show me his cock? God no that would be weird, as I kept thinking about my brother’s cock my concentration dwindled and before I knew it, I was losing the game. 

“Fuck, you’ve won, a beer I guess?” I asked him. He shook his head “nope, take off your shorts” he said with a devilish grin.  I was shocked for a fraction of a second but lust took over immediately and I obediently took off my shorts. The only thing I was wearing right now was my boxer short which was sporting a ridiculous boner by now “I thought I said shorts, that’s a plural little one” I got red but followed my brother’s orders and took off my boxer shorts as well, showing off my rock hard little penis. My brother nodded approvingly “Good, good, now stand up and turn around, I wanna see that cute ass of yours” he said. 

My conscience was thrown out of the window and I was willing to do whatever he asked, regardless of the fact that he was my actual brother. “That’s a cute ass you got there” he said and before I knew it he slapped my ass, grabbed it and brought it closer so he could kiss it. “Fuck Josh, you got a fine piece of ass, really makes me wonder why you haven’t figured out a way to sneak in some hot studs to fuck you when mom and dad aren’t around”. He shoved his shorts down and pulled out his massive pulsing cock and started jacking off for a little while. 

“Would you like me to give me your first taste of man meat?, would be sad if you stayed a virgin till uni” he said, I immediately got down on my knees and kneeled in front of his cock. There it was, it was even bigger than I imagined and it looked so good, hard and throbbing, his balls waiting to be massaged by my hand to spurt all his hot cum into my mouth. I grabbed his thick staff and was about to put it in my mouth but then I suddenly hesitated “fuck, Cam, I mean I want to suck your dick so bad, but isn’t this wrong?” I asked. 

Cameron smiled “I get it, you’re my little brother, but here is the thing man, there is nothing inherently wrong about two brothers helping each other out if both consent to it, right?” I nodded and was quite unsure “Since mom and dad aren’t to keen on us having sex before marriage we should help each other out” he put his hand on my shoulder reaffirming that it was okay. “I’ll tell you a little, secret, you’re not the only one who isn’t straight in this house, in fact, Lainy is a lesbian and Grace is bisexual, that’s why they get each other off since they can’t bring home a girlfriend and whenever Grace is hungry for cock I’ll fuck her as well” he revealed. 

What the hell? Lainey and Grace weren’t straight either and were having sex with each other and Cameron? Was this whole family incestuous?. Cameron saw that it was a lot for me to process. “I know we’re family Josh, but we’re also teenagers with sexual frustrations and parents who restrict us from relieving those frustrations with boyfriends or girlfriends so that’s why we help each other out, if you don’t want in, you don’t have to”. I shook my head “it’s okay, I’ve been wanting this for a long ass time, it’s just a lot to take in” Cameron gave me a devilish smile “oh just wait till you take in my cock, that’s a lot to take in” with that said I moved my head to his cock, opened my mouth and finally got a taste of his big dick.

He wrapped his hands around my head and slowly started pushing me up and down his big dick. 

It felt sooo good to have his dick in my mouth, I wasn’t sure whether it was because of the fact that this was my first dick or the fact that it was my brother’s cock but I loved it. I wanted him to feel good and I wanted to feel his cock down my throat so I took in as much as possible and kept throbbing on his cock for a while till I had to get some air and took it out. I didn’t waste a second breathing and took it all in again and Cameron just fucked my face for a while. He was moaning and groaning, so I was doing a great job and it didn’t take long for him to shoot his load in my throat. “Fuck, that was amazing Josh, you’re a natural-born cocksucker” he said with a smirk. 

That being said I noticed Grace was in the basement as well, her tits were hanging out and she was fingering herself while watching us “Fuck, guys, that was so hot” she said. I knew Grace had an amazing bosom but god this was even better than I could imagine. “Now you know our little secret I assume, welcome to the Incest club little brother” she said with a smirk. “Mom and dad won’t be home till 8 so, what do you say about having a little foursome, I’m pretty sure even Lainey would be turned on by seeing her little brother fucking me” she said with a smirk. And that’s how I got into the Incest Club, I did get to fuck my sister and even Lainey was curious about sucking my dick together with Grace but that’s a story for another time. 

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